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The Animal Rescue Site is a labor of love to help abused and abandoned animals. Basically, food and care is provided to rescued animals who end up in shelters.

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The Animal Rescue Site is a labor of love to help abused and abandoned animals. Basically, food and care is provided to rescued animals who end up in shelters. The concept of generating funds for these projects is very innovative and costs supporters nothing but clicks.

As per statistics from ASPCA, 5 out of 10 dogs in shelters and 7 out of 10 cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them. However, if we all take some time to help out in a very SMALL way, we can make a BIG difference.

I came across the site over a year ago and was impressed by their innovative concept. So I researched into it to ensure it was legitimate and then started sharing it with like-minded individuals. Read on to see how you can help save a life of a helpless animals in need.

What is the Animal Rescue Site?

Established in July 2002, the site is owned and operated by Tim Kunin and Greg Hesterberg who are online activists and co-owners of The site focuses on providing food and care to millions of rescued and unwanted animals in shelters around the world.

The Animal Rescue Site leverages the power of the internet to help fund animal shelters in their efforts towards our furry friends. The concept is a simple 3-step process which works as follows:

Step 1: You click daily at The Animal Rescue Site;

Step 2: Sponsors pay for food and care;

Step 3: Abandoned animals are fed and cared for.

In 2010, supporters, like you and me, helped fund the value of 72,173,621 bowls of food for animals in shelter with our clicks.

How Does it Work?

In order to help, supporters visit the Animal Rescue Site and click on the purple button that says "Click Here to Give - it's Free". These clicks are counted by their servers and a Thank You page displays with small ads from site sponsors. Funds to help rescued animals are paid by these sponsors and 100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to their charitable partners.

The Animal Rescue Site then tabulates the number of people who click and bill the sponsor for the appropriate amount. The site then distributes the funds to various animal support organizations like Petfinder Foundation, Fund for Animals, North Shore Animal League and others.

Supporters can click once a day, every day of the year on the Site. Their agreement with their sponsors allows them to count one click, per person, per calendar day.

In order to learn more about the Animal Rescue Site and see how your clicks can make a significant difference, rel=nofollow []CLICK HERE.

I'm a Human Resources professional, Trader and Entrepreneur, who has spent over 15 years in the corporate world. One of my passions is philanthropy and I want to do all I can to reach out to the less fortunate. My vision is to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to work together and build relationships to help people in need!

By []Anthony Godinho

Article Source: [] Animal Rescue Site
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